Cities, Public Space, and Autonomous Vehicles

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CM | 1.25

What You'll Learn

  • Learn about the potential impacts of autonomous vehicles on public space.
  • Understand how cities can respond to autonomous vehicles from a public-space perspective, including design, engineering, and policy techniques.
  • Identify key principles and priorities for defining an agenda for public-space policy in a world of autonomous vehicles.

More Course Details

In recent years, there has been a great deal of discussion of autonomous vehicles and the impact they will have on mobility, vehicle use, and travel habits. Yet much of this focus has been on the technology, the cars themselves, safety concerns, traffic patterns, the rate of adoption, or the impact to the economy. The discussions have been dominantly driven by the tech and auto industries. Much less focus has been given to the potential impacts on public space and how cities can respond to the rapid but uncertain changes in our future.

Examine the issue from the perspective of public space and learn how cities, designers, engineers, and other professionals can begin to create a set of priorities, principles, and tools to address the potential impact on public space. What are the opportunities for increasing the quantity or quality of space? What are the risks and threats to public space? What should the civic agenda be in the face of this change, and are there some key guiding principles? Bringing a range of expertise, experience, and viewpoints to the topic, this panel gives a new perspective, and constructive approaches to address this pressing issue.