Integrating Climate Science Into Local Planning

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CM | 1.25

Learning Outcomes

  • How to incorporate local climate change projections into local planning processes.
  • How to move beyond isolated hazard mitigation plans and climate adaptation plans and toward well-integrated planning.
  • How to plan for climate uncertainty using familiar tools and processes.

More Course Details

Planners often struggle with integrating national climate projections into their local planning efforts.

The American Planning Association, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, and the University of Illinois partnered to develop a road map for incorporating climate change information into local planning efforts. They worked with five pilot communities in the Chicago area to answer two questions in particular:

  • What climate data and information is most useful on the local level?
  • What makes it difficult for communities to use climate change information in their planning efforts?

This course covers the first-hand challenges and benefits of using climate science locally, ways in which regional planning agencies can aid municipalities in their planning efforts, and how these lessons can best be used in your community.