Redressing Racist Policies to Implement Equity-Driven Revitalization

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Learning Outcomes

  • Explore how inequitable policies of the past shaped Detroit's current condition, from redlining to the subprime lending crisis.
  • Learn how planners are developing reinvestment strategies that are redressing past wrongs in majority-Black neighborhoods.
  • Examine effective community engagement strategies that have overcome low trust, racial tension, and the digital divide.


Learn about a new tool for implementing equity-focused revitalization initiatives in urban communities of color that have experienced harm. Get a midstream assessment of Detroit's $130 million Strategic Neighborhood Fund, a reinvestment program that seeks to catalyze equitable revitalization in the city's neighborhoods through resident-centered planning processes.

Detroit's program offers a suite of investment, policy, and engagement tools that are achieving important equity goals in the city's neighborhoods. The program is revitalizing disinvested neighborhoods and ensuring existing residents are participants and beneficiaries.