Building Back Better: Federal Infrastructure Legislation

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CM | 0.75

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess the opportunities in federal infrastructure legislation and administrative action to implement local plans.
  • Explore how federal policy shifts will affect planning for climate change and resiliency through infrastructure programs.
  • Learn how to Incorporate federal resources and regulatory changes into planning practice for infrastructure.


Take a close look at the actions taken in Congress and by the Biden administration to advance a new federal approach and significant new investment in infrastructure. Following the passage of the American Rescue Plan, Capitol Hill has been focused on a major infrastructure package that will advance recovery and help communities plan for today's challenges. Discover how critical funding streams for biking, walking, transit, street design, safety, climate change, and broadband are changing. Find out how planning is being positioned as a major tool for tackling climate change, resiliency, and equity through federal infrastructure policy. The return of project earmarks and new federal resources may open opportunities for local and regional plan implementation. Insiders discuss the political landscape for infrastructure and long-term recovery policies, including much-debated federal funding and finance tools.

Learn about new executive actions from the Biden administration related to environmental justice and transportation. Experts discuss legislative proposals to incorporate equity and access into federal programs and transportation planning.