Policies for the Future of Mobility

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Certification Maintenance

CM | 0.75

Learning Outcomes

  • Create new strategies and models for piloting planning and design for electric and autonomous vehicles.
  • Initiate planning for new mobility technologies, including advanced air mobility.
  • Engage more effectively with state and federal officials regarding the planning needs and implications of new mobility technologies.

More Course Details

Rapid changes in mobility technology — from micromobility to advanced air mobility to EVs — have the potential to transform planning and fundamentally change transportation and communities. Discover how states are tackling this challenge, learn from new pilot initiatives, and find out how federal programs can help local planners lead the way. Policy makers are crafting regulations and approaches to adapt to rapidly evolving mobility technologies. The emergence of air mobility is creating new policies and new opportunities for planning. Michigan has created a new state-level office on new mobility and is implementing a range of initiatives to plan, test, and pilot key projects. Michigan's approach and lessons learned have important implications for planning and policy across the nation. Find out what states and localities are doing, how Washington is beginning to engage, and how planners can prepare.