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Certification Maintenance

CM | 0.75

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify critical federal and state policies related to implementing smart cities technology.
  • Improve the design and deployment of new technologies to better support a people-oriented, community-responsive approach.
  • Preview potential new federal and state rules, regulations, and funding related to emerging planning technologies.

More Course Details

Cities focused on recovery face opportunities for reinvention. Public- and private-sector experts will take stock of the smart cities movement and policy options for connected infrastructure, new planning technologies, and charging stations. Find out how federal policy can support local implementation and how local leaders are ensuring new technologies meet the needs of communities. APA is a founding member of the new Coalition for Urban Innovation. By bringing together private-sector leaders and key association partners, this coalition is advancing ideas for federal policy makers to support smart cities and the use of innovative technologies in local planning and development. As technologies evolve, so too does the need for effective legislative and regulatory frameworks. Find out what policy makers are considering and hear municipal perspectives on an array of new technologies. Learn how local governments can work with federal, state, and private partners to meet communities' needs.