Modernizing Transit Through an Equity Lens

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about Virginia's equitable approach to study, make decisions about, and modernize its transit system.
  • Define equity in the context of Virginia's transit-systems modernization.
  • Understand measures that were used to determine equity and the state of each of the study's six topic areas.

More Course Details

In February 2021, the Virginia General Assembly passed House Joint Resolution 542, which directed the Department of Rail and Public Transportation to study transit equity and modernization. The study includes input — from executives to service operators — from all of Virginia's 39 transit agencies. Their contributions help to explain how Virginia makes decisions about allocating transit resources among urban, rural, experienced, and new riders; whether services align with people's needs; and if they create new opportunities — especially in underserved and under-represented communities — to reach jobs, housing, and activities. Presenters explain how they devised this statewide assessment to determine the state of transit and identify best approaches to service, safety, infrastructure, technology, and engagement. They share transit executives' comments about the challenges of program shifts, describe competitive funding metrics that lead to preference for systems serving urban populations, and identify policy changes that would facilitate just distribution of benefits.