An Outsider's View of Inclusionary Zoning

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CM | 0.25

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about NIMBYs and how to change them to YIMBYs.
  • Discover how an "outsider" (AKA a non-planner) can effectively work with planning and zoning committees.
  • Understand how the public thinks about how planners and council members approach building and development.

More Course Details

Are you reading another scathing editorial about workforce housing development? If you could just "sit them down" and explain to them.... But what if an outsider "sat you down" and expressed how they see development?

Get a housing-advocacy perspective on an empathetic approach to planning, zoning, and development, and learn how decision makers can work with community advocates to achieve common goals. Take away actionable ideas to advance inclusive and equitable community planning by involving the right people.