Rumbling with Benefits: Solving Community Benefits Deficits

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Certification Maintenance

CM | 0.25

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to approach community benefits in unique ways adapted to your residents and needs.
  • Consider tackling a politically sensitive topic from the viewpoint of listening and supporting and improving equity within and beyond municipal responsibility.
  • Develop an approach that speaks to both "hard" (infrastructure-based) and "soft" (program- and equity-based) community benefits in a way that provides tools and models for all parties.

More Course Details

This course challenges/encourages planners to practice listening to understand the different viewpoints of a complex topic, how to encourage relationship building, and engage in innovative approaches to transparency, communication, and outcomes that can benefit equitably across a jurisdiction. It's important to talk about livelihoods and development that has historically outpaced equitable infrastructure. These difficult conversations lead to mutual understanding, respect, and collective approaches to problem solving.

Charlotte, North Carolina, offers information transparency and supports these tough discussions, thereby empowering the development community and residents to work together.