How to Use Design Thinking in Transportation Planning

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how the design-thinking approach counters common critiques of conventional public engagement in the planning process.
  • Understand how a design-thinking approach is being used to foster equitable engagement in a master-planning process.
  • Grasp how a design-thinking approach to public engagement can be adapted for a virtual setting, using an example from the COVID-19 pandemic.

More Course Details

In recent years, transportation has been disrupted by technological innovation. Advancements like ride-hailing, on-demand transit, and bike-share systems add more complexity for transportation planners to navigate. Presenters demonstrate how design thinking offers an innovative approach to understanding travelers' needs.

Get an overview of new research on design thinking in planning, followed by the case study of a master planning process in Maryland (kicked-off during the COVID-19 pandemic) that illustrates methods for equitable planning focused on a pedestrian audit and listening sessions.