How to Perform a Zoning Equity Assessment

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how Evanston, Illinois; St. Paul, Minnesota; Louisville, Kentucky; Washington, DC; and other cities are assessing their zoning code for issues of racial and economic equity.
  • Understand how equitable zoning assessments work and can be applied in any community.
  • Learn about equitable zoning assessments and hear examples of how communities have applied them.

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Discover the root assumptions of zoning by peeling back its complex layers. Challenge assumptions and rebuild zoning as a tool to promote more equitable and just outcomes. Use it to expand access and agency and connect issues of land use and zoning to the everyday experiences of historically marginalized people.

Zoning has perpetuated structural racial and economic inequality and injustice in America for over a century, but it can be a powerful and effective regulatory tool to advance equitable and just outcomes for communities. Equity assessments identify readily implementable tools to achieve that goal throughout the United States.