Invasion of Drones and 3D Modeling into Planning

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Certification Maintenance

CM | 0.75

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover new data sources for planning and working with varied data sets in different modeling and GIS platforms.
  • Understand how drones work and how drone, lidar, and photodramatic data can be used in 3D modeling for planning.
  • Improve 3D base modeling to fit into the project design cycle and see practical demonstrations of 3D software, drone data, and custom planning tools.

More Course Details

Technology is advancing at a breakneck speed and so are the demands of elected officials, citizens, and clients for planners to employ new techniques to improve planning and communication. Simple 2D graphics and plan-view mapping are no longer sufficient.

Drone imaging and enhanced 3D modeling in planning processes help meet those demands. They are more effective in public and stakeholder engagements and create better planning results. With access to new data and technologies, planning can be better informed with rich context, details, and information. The trifecta of 3D modeling, data, and drones provides a level of project visualization that better informs clients, designers, and the public.

Using real-life examples, presenters detail methodologies for integrating drones, new data sources, and 3D modeling into planning. They will disclose costs, licenser requirements, and best practices for protecting privacy and notifying the public; recommend drones; and provide links to books and websites with more information about implementing drones in planning.