Making Sense of Uncertainty: Framework for Megatrends

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Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to synthesize disparate trends, climate, technological advancements, consumption patterns, and sociodemographic changes.
  • Learn how to communicate impacts of megatrends on transportation systems and the public.
  • Develop data-informed policy options to prepare for the impacts of megatrends.

More Course Details

Planning, preparation, and response rely on the ability to synthesize and communicate. Transportation planning has long relied on forecasting tools and methods to develop and evaluate policy options. However, new vehicle and communications technologies and shared mobility require evaluation of alternative approaches.

Learn about Virginia's innovative framework, which synthesizes four key megatrends — climate, technological advancements, evolving consumption patterns, and socio-demographic changes — and relies on data-informed policy making to identify long-term risks and opportunities. See why, in the absence of concerted policy actions, low-income and minority communities may not only miss the positive effects of these megatrends but, in some instances, disproportionately suffer very negative impacts.

Discover how to use digitally delivered, compelling, interactive narratives to communicate the long-term impacts of nascent ideas to the public and policy makers.