Equity Ethics from the Inside Out

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Certification Maintenance

CM | 1
E | 1

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop regular reflective practices, individually and with others, to align your practice with your inner compass and the AICP Code of Ethics.
  • Discern and articulate the ethical choices in your practice.
  • Master the process of using a reflective framework to resolve tensions in application of the AICP Code of Ethics.

More Course Details

Disrupting unjust and exclusionary practices requires change strategies that engage collaborators and stakeholders in effective, ethical ways. Learn how to navigate this complex territory. The AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct demands that we consider conflicting allegiances to our employers and clients and to the public interest. Ethical, equity-oriented practice requires both reflection-on-action and reflection-in-action.

Presenters review the code and ask planners to use this safe and supportive space to reflect on their ethical choices and and share them, first in a small group and then with all participants in a facilitated discussion.

An introduction to this concept is available in APA Learn called Changing Minds: How Mindfulness and Reflection Make it Possible, from the NPC21 Digital Conference.