Community Solutions and the American Rescue Plan Act

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Learning Outcomes

  • Incorporate new federal guidelines into using ARPA funds for local affordable housing plans and projects.
  • Improve the use of GIS and related modeling tools for local decision-making on investing ARPA resources and aligning plans and codes with ARPA strategies.
  • Create new local solutions for using and leveraging ARPA funding with other infrastructure programs by examining how communities are deploying ARPA resources.


The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) provided historic investment in states and communities at a pivotal moment. ARPA's unique structure means that resources are being used to promote not only short-term relief but longer-term recovery and renewal. Now, new federal policies are making ARPA more useful for affordable housing and infrastructure projects. Find out how communities are advancing solutions using ARPA funds and what policy changes may open new ARPA opportunities. Passage of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) brought critical resources and relief to states, cities, and communities across the country. With $350 billion available to states and localities, recent months have seen a range of new solutions and innovations supported through ARPA. Now, federal regulators have issued new guidance to help communities deploy ARPA funds in new ways to tackle affordable housing challenges. Potential new legislative action could help communities leverage ARPA in conjunction with new programs established in the bipartisan infrastructure law. Find out how communities have used ARPA funds for planning and plan implementation. Hear from policymakers about new opportunities for housing and infrastructure investment through ARPA. Learn how GIS tools are being used to support ARPA-led policy changes and investment.