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By nature, planners are collaborators and conveners. At the local, regional, and national levels, we strive to bring all stakeholders together to create vibrant, healthy places. This project is designed to leverage our roles as collaborators and conveners to improve health outcomes.

Through an overarching collaborative strategy that brings together members of the American Planning Association (APA) and the American Public Health Association (APHA), the Plan4Health project aims to build local capacity to address population health goals and promote the inclusion of health in non-traditional sectors.

Coalitions made up of APA chapters, APHA affiliate groups, and others will work to set a new paradigm for healthy planning. By leveraging complementary expertise and influence, this project seeks to expand innovative tactics to addressing tough problems.

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How to Find Your Local APA Chapter and APHA Affiliate

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Additional Materials

The following documents provide additional information and resources for the Plan4Health – Cohort Two funding opportunity:

Tools and Resources

Plan4Health – Additional Resources (pdf)

Plan4Health – Award Type Guide (pdf)

Plan4Health – Community Action Plan (pdf)

Plan4Health – Grantee Readiness Quiz (pdf)