Airports in the Region

The Divisions Council continues to advance the Airports in the Region (AIR) initiative, originally endorsed by the Divisions Council in 2004. Since then, work activities have continued sporadically.

Planners and Planes

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Airports and Land-Use Compatibility

Two individuals, Stephanie Ward and Susan Schalk, published a PAS report, Planners and Planes: Airports and Land-Use Compatibility, based on a 2008 National Planning Conference session. The Divisions Council chose to augment this report by developing a series of case studies focused on planning outside of and around airports.

Case Studies on Planning Around Airports

Crystal City Plan Feasibility Study, Arlington, Virginia: Planning for Redevelopment near Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Destination Lindbergh: Collaboration and Vision to Meet San Diego’s Mobility Needs

Compatible Land Use Planning for Areas Adjacent to Airports: Indianapolis, Indiana