Centering Equity: Framing Effective Approaches

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CM | 0.75

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore how age, gender, and culture affect opportunities and choices and how planning has a role to play in fostering and promoting equity.
  • Identify interventions that connect planning for aging and planning for women in a common equity framework.
  • Gain new insight as well as some concrete tools for centering equity in public investments.

More Course Details

Equity sets the stage for equality. Front-and-center considerations are innovative approaches that use existing programs and resources more effectively to produce better outcomes for children, families, and older adults.

Frameworks can contribute to a toolkit for promoting equity in workplace culture, professional practice, community planning, and public investments. Tools include strategizing to break the cycle of poverty and create opportunities, identifying foundational interventions to bridge gender dynamics, and pinklining impacts and interventions.

The success of these approaches depends on a shared vision, clearly identified priority areas, well-crafted service improvement plans, self-assessment, monitoring progress toward equity benchmarks, and structures and conditions that are connected to impact equity.

Equity-first frameworks make equity explicit. They set up the structures, policies, and practices necessary for equitable decision-making. Surging momentum to confront inequities in policies, institutional structures, and mindsets offers a timely platform for embracing and developing the capacity to propel equity and intentional ecosystem change.