How Planners Can Avoid Becoming Victims of Automation

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Learning Outcomes

  • Explore automation trends that may affect the planning profession in the coming decade.
  • Avoid behaviors and paths that will be affected by future automation.
  • Plan for a future profession that is able to take full advantage of the benefits of automation without succumbing to its pitfalls.

More Course Details

Technology is changing the way that planning is done and in the coming decade will change the nature of planning work itself. What will it mean to be a planner in a future where many routine tasks are completed in a fraction of the time they currently take? Attentive planners can anticipate these changes and leverage them to expand their careers and the planning profession as a whole.

Presenters discuss the anticipated technological trends that will shape the next decade, including increased automation in demographic projections, enhanced web-mapping services, and more third-party tech consultants. They explain how these changes open opportunities for planners to enhance their capabilities and improve the planning profession, with particular focus on how greater access to open data can serve historically underserved communities.

Discover how to leverage emerging technologies to reorient the planning profession. Planners can engage proactively with technologically driven, profession-wide trends to explore how their profession can lead the way toward community empowerment.