What PDDs Can Teach Us About Autonomous Deployments

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Learning Outcomes

  • Explore community well-being through an equity lens and in relation to planning and urban design.
  • Employ design and planning interventions to create places that support all dimensions of well-being.
  • Measure and prioritize planning efforts with the potential to improve well-being and boost community health, happiness, and inclusivity.

More Course Details

Local governments must ensure that all residents, especially those in underserved communities, share the benefits of emerging transportation technologies like PDDs, AVs, and new mobility. Emerging technology policies and programs must be coordinated at all levels of government to avoid negative outcomes for vulnerable and other residents. Planners have the opportunity to be more proactive, strategic, and thoughtful about incorporating emerging technologies into the public landscape.

Speakers describe lessons learned from PDD pilot projects conducted in 2021 with Kiwibot in San Jose, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Miami-Dade County. Those communities worked together to comprehend the technology and understand the technical and programmatic issues, opportunities, and challenges associated with PDD services. They engaged with community members to promote understanding of PDD technology and how its applications align — or do not align — with community needs.

They found that governments have to proactively shape the deployment of autonomous technologies to benefit the public and achieve desired community outcomes. Discover a framework for and examples of public engagement activities that include hiring residents and working with students. Understand relevant equity issues so your local government can develop policies, tools, and methods to achieve equitable outcomes for PDDs and AV deployments.