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Learning Outcomes

  • Differentiate the three types of hybrid public engagements and their inherent challenges and opportunities.
  • Recognize best practices for planning a hybrid public engagement.
  • Calibrate your hybrid public engagements to increase access and inclusivity.

More Course Details

Because they provide multiple ways to engage that can mitigate traditional barriers to participation, hybrid engagements will become an important tool in a planner's equity toolkit.

Well-planned hybrid events that allow flexible audience participation can be engaging and effective, but they also can create equity concerns. Planning hybrid engagements entails inviting multiple audiences, offering multiple events, and ensuring that both in-person and remote audiences have equal opportunities to participate.

Presenters use real-world scenarios that show how to make hybrid engagements win-win by combining the best parts of in-person and virtual learning. Learn how to mitigate challenges and design and facilitate encounters where both in-person and virtual audiences have equal opportunities to participate. Walk away with a planning checklist and key questions to ask to ensure that each engagement is well-planned, executed, and equitable.