Embracing Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about AB 686 (the Fair Housing Act) efforts to implement Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, common pitfalls, and best practices in California.
  • Discover how jurisdictions of different sizes and types can implement meaningful policies and programs to AFFH, including place-based investments and new housing opportunities in high-resource areas.
  • Identify the characteristics of policies and programs that are more likely to result in meaningful changes to overcome patterns of segregation and foster inclusive communities.

More Course Details

AB 686 is one of the most important tools that local jurisdictions and partners can use to address systemic racism in housing and positively affect all Californians through public policies.

Learn about new approaches to outreach, zoning, and government programs to enhance housing-mobility strategies; encourage the development of new affordable housing in high-resource areas; improve place-based strategies to encourage community conservation and revitalization, including preservation of existing affordable housing; and protect existing residents from displacement.