DC Dialogue: The Political Landscape for Planning

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Learning Outcomes

  • Asses the political environment and possible election outcomes into plans for new federal resources for planning, infrastructure, and climate change.
  • Utilize insights on the evolution of the political climate to inform local plans and projects.
  • Identify new opportunities and potential obstacles for local plans and projects in a post-election state and national political environment.

Course Details

With congressional midterm and state elections only weeks away, how will the political landscape shift and how will it affect planning and the programs and policies planners need? Expert election analysis will help you prepare for potential impacts and understand possible implications for your community. Find out how the political winds are blowing and how to navigate change as the nation heads into a pivotal election season.

Elections matter. With congressional midterm and many state campaigns well underway and election day only weeks away, one of Washington's leading election analysts and commentators will give an up-to-the-minute look at the political landscape. Find out what's likely to happen and what you need to know to prepare. Find out how potential electoral changes might affect planning and the programs and policies that planners need.

Hear how the 118th Congress might look and the impacts on your work and discuss the relation of the broader political environment to planning heading into 2023. This course will explore what the election could mean for the implementation of new infrastructure, recovery, and climate programs.