Creating Smart, Sustainable, Resilient Communities and Cities

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Certification Maintenance

CM | 1
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Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce the Smart and Sustainable City Framework and SCP local initiative by ISU/UDP International.
  • Introduce other local smart, sustainable, and resilient initiatives undertaken in Asia, India, the Phillippines, and Japan.
  • Highlight the importance of local planning and action at the community level with a focus on people, place, and planet to ensure a sustainable world.


This course presents five separate technological advancements designed to emphasize the people behind smart technology: the "Smart Cultural Precinct @ Central" in Hong Kong; "URBAN MENUS," an adaptable 3D tool and training program for participative and impact-oriented urban planning; the "HIJO Development and Trinity Project" in agriculture, property development, leisure and tourism, food, and port operations in the Philippines; transit-oriented development and smart city initiatives in India; and a project by Urban Risk Lab in Japan.