Unlocking the Secrets of Image Creation with Generative AI

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Certification Maintenance

CM | 1.50

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover how Generative AI works to create images from text-based prompts and what are effective use cases for this tool in planning practice.
  • Explore recommended practices to create effective prompts for image generation by DALL-E and learn how to refine prompts to achieve desired outputs.
  • Understand the potential for using Generative AI for image generation in ways that can help support planning practice and community co-creation, based on real-life experience.

Course Details

Planners rely on visual images to convey information about planning projects and engage community members in planning processes, but creating these images can be time-consuming or require expensive graphic design expertise. What if you could wield the power of Generative AI to create your images for planning projects?

In this APA Upskilling training webinar, you'll learn how. Experts will explain what you need to know about using generative AI programs to create images supporting a wide range of planning projects and processes and will address evolving questions related to ethics, copyright, bias, and service providers. Through hands-on exercises, you'll learn how to prompt Bing Image Creator (based on DALL-E) to get the artwork outcomes you're looking for. And you'll hear about a real-world example of how generative AI is already being used to co-create visions that can result in better community outcomes.