Repurposing Industrial Land: The JMEagle Success Story

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CM | 0.75

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify public-private strategies to revitalize abandoned, vacant, industrial properties.
  • Use federal funding to build a revitalization strategy.
  • Build a vision rooted in the wants and needs of both the public and private sectors that can achieve outcomes for all.

Course Details

Master planning of the JMEagle site in Denison, Texas, is a testament to persistence, communication, and the ability to integrate multiple technical resources to revitalize a large-format development.

Abandoned more than 30 years ago, the JMEagle asbestos-pipe manufacturing facility was a challenge for 25 years. Then a team of planners, engineers, and local economic development professionals developed a unique strategy to mitigate legacy environmental impacts and liability, while also addressing floodplain, blight, and failing infrastructure problems. They obtained Economic Development Administration funding for a master plan that addresses many issues inhibiting the reuse of the site and worked closely with the site’s Los Angeles-based owner to gain land control. Their innovative approach included developing a vision, achieving consensus, and collaborating with state, federal, and local funding partners.

This case study highlights the need for creativity, communication, and planning to repurpose a site — whether a small lot or a large industrial property — to become a productive part of the community again.