Mastering Conflict for Effective Planning: Navigation and Resolution

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to identify and understand various types of conflict, comprehend their underlying causes, and gain insights into strategies for effectively managing and resolving conflicts both with individuals and within group settings
  • Explore ways to minimize conflict in public meetings by learning how to plan and structure meetings to reduce potential conflict triggers and using facilitation skills to manage conflict as it arises
  • Identify the core facilitation principles necessary for conflict management in a range of public settings

Course Details

Conflict can be constructive or destructive, depending on how it is navigated, managed, and addressed. Conflict can also lead to positive change. As practitioners, we often face both minor and major conflicts in our workplaces and communities. Planners, as leaders responsible for preparing for important decisions and overseeing decision-making processes, frequently encounter conflict. Moreover, political polarization across the US has intensified, leading planners in various states to experience increased pressure from more conflict-dominated public meetings. This webinar will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to be aware of different types of conflict, the root causes of conflict, styles for approaching conflict, and tools and techniques to effectively resolve conflict.

This webinar will include an interactive component with space for participants to share their approaches to managing conflict, discuss conflict scenarios, and explore their confidence and skills in building relationships and creating environments for people to engage and participate.

Through this webinar, participants will gain insights to enhance their understanding of how to manage conflict and navigate challenging public meetings and will have the opportunity to connect with other planners who plan and manage public meetings.