Sustainable Urbanization: Call to Action

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Learning Outcomes

  • Increased awareness of the Call To Action and Declaration on Sustainable Urbanisation as an initiative in response to rapid urbanization and climate change globally.
  • Opportunity to share examples of good practices on sustainable urbanization and urban resilience in the Commonwealth.
  • Expanding the opportunity for collaboration globally in delivering sustainable and climate-resilient cities.

Course Details

This session provides an important opportunity to convene to discuss the Commonwealth-led Call to Action on Sustainable Urbanisation (CTA) and the Declaration on Sustainable Urbanisation, share good practices, and explore strategies for creating a practical plan of action.

This panel discussion will directly contribute to the overarching WTPD theme of "Sustainability and Resilience through planning" by bringing together a multi-disciplinary panel to discuss how global collaboration toward a common goal can have a lasting local impact.