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TriPod: New Orleans at 300 ( Before heading to NPC18 this month, get to know our host city with this weekly podcast from WWNO, the National Public Radio member station for New Orleans and the 13 parishes of southeast Louisiana. Each episode is an isolated microdocumentary, uncovering little-known stories, rediscovering familiar characters, and revealing how the past informs our understanding of the Crescent City's present — and future. Episodes cover topics like the once-secret history of Gay Carnival Krewes, construction of the industrial canal, and the city's drainage pumps.

Reveal: The Red Line ( This recent episode of Reveal, a podcast from The Center for Investigative Reporting, proves that the practice of redlining is still alive and well in the U.S. It looks at national trends — the disparity between the number of white and black home owners is reportedly worse today than during the Jim Crow era — and identifies the 61 metro areas where people of color are more likely to be denied a home loan. While listening, learn more about redlining in your area with two interactive components: a text-messaging tool and a map, located at

The Promise ( Nashville officially beat out Memphis for the title of Tennessee's most populous city in 2016. That population has surged by nearly 12 percent since 2010, bringing changes and challenges to the entire area — but especially its public housing. Presented by Nashville Public Radio, The Promise is a limited-run series about a community in danger of being left behind by its growing city.

Image courtesy Marvel Studios.

Film: Black Panther

Marvel's latest record-smashing superhero story imagines a sustainable, high-tech future for our cities. The backdrop of Black Panther is Wakanda, a fictitious African nation built from a stockpile of otherworldly metal that's stronger than anything on Earth and an energy source to boot. The result is an urban designer's dream: a walkable, high-density, mixed use fusion of traditional African architecture, skyscrapers, housing, retail — and no cars. The streets are saved for clean public transit, hoverbikes, and pedestrians, leaving the skies for hyperloop rapid transit (and, of course, a few spaceships).

To see the trailer, find showtimes in your area, and learn more about the design of Wakanda, visit


Image courtesy Esri.

Esri Gets Social

@ESRIGRAM, the Instagram home of GIS giant Esri, delivers mapping tips, tricks, and breathtaking images daily (look left for an example of one of their best features, WayUpWednesday). Learn how to display 2-D maps as globes (, what Portland's bureau of transportation uses to keep drivers safe in snowstorms (http://bit. ly/PortlandTransit), and where every brewery in the U.S. is located (http://, all without ever leaving your feed.





Census Breakdown

Multimedia news platform Vox released a video that runs through every factor risking the accuracy of the 2020 Census. It starts with an overview of the 2010 count, explaining how cost overruns rippled into the bureau's current budget cap, and finishes with an examination of the new — and controversial — questions we might be seeing in two years. Watch the video at

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