Wayne Feiden, FAICP

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FAICP Statement

Wayne Feiden has helped make the City of Northampton, Massachusetts, a leader in sustainability efforts, and he has shared the lessons of sustainability with communities around New England, the United States, Hungary, and South Africa. His publications, teaching, and presentations have helped bring best practices to citizen planners and practitioners. Inducted in 2008.

Professional Biography

Wayne Feiden, FAICP, is Director of the Center for Resilient Metro-Regions and Lecturer of Practice in planning at UMass, principal of Plan Sustain, Inc., and former Director ofPlanning & Sustainability for the City of Northampton. His focus includes sustainability, resilience, revitalization, open space, alternative transportation, and public health. 

Wayne’s Rockefeller Bellagio residency (Italy), German Marshall Fund fellowship (Northern Ireland, England and Denmark), Fulbright Specialist fellowships (South Africa and New Zealand) and Eisenhower Fellowship (Hungary) all focused on sustainability, resiliency, and revitalization.

Wayne’s research publications include four monographs (APA PAS Reports), on planning management, assessing sustainability, decentralized wastewater, and performance guarantees.


098636 | University of Michigan
Graduation Date: August, 1980
Degree Level: Undergraduate

160353 | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Graduation Date: December, 1988
Degree Level: Graduate
Planning Degree