Scot Siegel, FAICP

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Professional Biography

Scot Siegel, FAICP, is a highly accomplished and versatile planner with over 30 years of experience working with close to one hundred communities in six western states. He is currently Community Development Director with the City of Newberg, Oregon.

Scot's leadership has brought transformation and positive change to both his clients and the planning profession. From his pioneering work on the first smart growth plans in the nation to his role as a consultant and Planning Director for cities in the Portland, Oregon metro area, Scot has applied his deep command of planning and design principles in ways that can be understood and embraced by communities, and effectively administered by client staff. His skills as an educator and communicator enable him to work fluidly in challenging situations that include differing and sometimes deeply conflicting perspectives. A published poet, Scot demystifies planning through his use of language and writing, and makes it accessible for clients, colleagues, and community members. In all aspects of his work, he is committed to planning excellence and fostering a culture of collaboration in order to provide cities with the tools they need to realize their visions. Scot’s author page is