Tiny Houses, and the Not-So-Tiny Questions They Raise

Zoning Practice — November 2015

By Donald Elliott, FAICP, Peter Sullivan


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This article reviews how tiny houses fit into the general U.S. system of land-use control through building codes, zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and private restrictive covenants.


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Nov. 1, 2015
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American Planning Association

About the Authors

Donald Elliott, FAICP
Donald L. Elliott, FAICP, is a Director with Clarion Associates, LLC, a national land use consulting firm. Don’s practice focuses on land development regulation, zoning, subdivision, fair housing, affordable housing, and plan implementation. Don has assisted over 60 U.S. communities to update plans and regulations related to housing, zoning, subdivision, affordability, sustainability, resiliance, and good governance He is the author of A Better Way to Zone (Island Press 2008), co-author of The Rules that Shape Urban Form (APA 2012) and The Citizen’s Guide to Planning (APA 2009) and has served as the editor of Colorado Land Planning and Development Law for over 25 years. Don is a member of the Denver Planning Board and teaches a graduate level course on Land Development Regulations at the University of Colorado College of Architecture and Planning.

Peter Sullivan