New Tools for Zoning and Development Visualization

Zoning Practice — March 2012

By Devin Lavigne, AICP


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This article highlights the software and techniques that can provide the imagery to enhance zoning ordinances, explain zoning changes, and highlight the development potential of key sites.


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March 1, 2012
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American Planning Association

About the Author

Devin Lavigne, AICP
Devin is a Principal and Co-founder of Houseal Lavigne Associates, with special expertise in urban design, land use planning, site planning, land planning, land use regulation, graphic illustration and development visualization, and geographic information systems. He is one of the profession’s top graphics professionals and is recognized for his ability to communicate plans, planning concepts, and incorporating development visualizations into the planning process. He has directed, managed, authored and contributed to a number of comprehensive plans, downtown plans, corridor plans, subarea plans, park master plans, and other planning assignments throughout the United States.