Planning and Zoning for Geothermal Energy

Zoning Practice — May 2010

By Erica Heller, AICP


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This article covers the basics of geothermal power plants and direct uses and discusses how local governments can use land-use controls to promote compatible geothermal development.


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May 1, 2010
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American Planning Association

About the Author

Erica Heller, AICP
Erica Heller, AICP, is Strategic and Policy Planning Director at MIG. Erica directs strategic planning, placemaking and land use projects, such as downtown and area plans, economic development strategies, and reinvestment plans. Skill areas include strategic planning, market analysis, financing districts, urban renewal and revitalization, neighborhood involvement, sustainability, healthy food access, alternative energy and tailored district development standards. She has experience in both local government and private consulting planning. She has Erica has presented and published through American Planning Association on a range of topics including AICP ethics; zoning for small-scale renewable energy systems; market-based downtown planning; and special improvement districts. She has served on the APA Colorado Chapter Board of Directors for two elected terms.