Visualizing Change

Zoning Practice — December 2004

By Steven Price


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Planners in the past have treated planning as if it were purely a verbal exercise with written policy statements, parking requirements, and lists o fpermitted land uses being the final and sufficient products. Most traditional zoning documentsare long on words, yet have failed to stop the fragmentation and dispersion ofthe towns they are meant to safeguard.

Photo-reimaging is a technique that can demonstrate development concepts in a palpably realistic way. It's a computerized virtual makeover of a landscape through the alteration of a photograph. The art of photo-reimaging can be a powerful tool to help a community move towards agreement on intentions.

This issue of Zoning Practice discusses how photo simulations can realistically demonstrate development concepts and confirm that development regulations are likely to produce outcomes that match community intentions.


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Dec. 1, 2004
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