Enforcing the Zoning Code

Zoning Practice — January 2017

By Linda Pieczynski


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If zoning violations seldom occur in a local jurisdiction, staff may struggle to determine when and how to take action. Sometimes the first reaction is to ignore the matter and hope it goes away. However, once a violation is brought to the attention of the zoning administrator, it is seldom a good idea to delay enforcement unless some type of written agreement for compliance is reached.

Most zoning violations are straightforward, and a few photographs will convince a judge that the responsible party is in violation. However, there are procedural requirements that can derail a case if they are not followed.

This issue of Zoning Practice explores the zoning enforcement practices and procedures most likely to achieve results in the shortest time possible. It covers enforcement authority, identifying responsible parties, noticing, gathering evidence, and special cases.


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Jan. 1, 2017
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Linda Pieczynski