Digital Zoning Codes and Comprehensive Plans

Zoning Practice — October 2017

By Pete Sullivan, AICP


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The printed page is not extinct, but electronic publishing is becoming a standard format for the digital age. From page-flipping online documents to custom-built websites, there are dozens of applications and services that can create a modern digital document. But which tools are best for publishing long, highly structured documents, like zoning codes and comprehensive plans?

This issue of Zoning Practice identifies and evaluates eight options for publishing modern, interactive zoning codes and comprehensive plans in a feature-rich, web-ready format. And it recommends project management strategies for deploying, testing, and maintaining new software and online work products.


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Oct. 1, 2017
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American Planning Association

About the Author

Pete Sullivan, AICP
Pete Sullivan, AICP, is a Senior Manager in Durham, North Carolina's City-County Development Services Center, where he is responsible for customer service and quick turn-around zoning approvals. His teams administer development application, payment, and technology systems; provide front line customer service; fulfill property and zoning reports; and issue approvals for small business, land division, and construction. Prior to joining the City, Pete was Senior Associate with Clarion Associates, in Chapel Hill, NC, where he specialized in zoning and land use regulation and digital publication. Pete is the former Co-Chair of the Communications and Public Affairs Committee of the North Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA), and an occasional contributor to Planetizen. He has written for Zoning Practice and has been featured as speaker at national and state planning conferences. His project work been recognized by the Washington State Governor's Office, Puget Sound Regional Council and Washington State Chapter of the American Planning Association.