An Introduction to Campus Planning: Insights and Opportunities

PAS Memo — September-October 2013

By Minakshi Amundsen


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Most cities have institutions: medical, educational, governmental. In most cases, planning for the institution and city is completely separate, and often the interactions of these entities are more negative than positive. However, institutions, especially those of higher education, can be important assets for cities and other kinds of communities because of the benefits and opportunities they can offer, especially over the long term. Municipal and community planners should know more about campus planners and planning — both to mitigate any town-gown challenges but also to promote benefits for both sides.

This PAS Memo article provides a brief overview of campus planning to help community planners better understand their campus counterparts, outlines commonly faced challenges and opportunities, and offers action steps for town-gown collaborative planning for beneficial economic and community development.


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Sept. 1, 2013
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American Planning Association

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Minakshi Amundsen