Guidance for Health in the Development Review Process



Knowledge of how planning decisions impact the public's health has greatly increased in recent years. The availability of resources and increased emphasis on community engagement has led to the incorporation of health elements, language, and data in a growing number of plans and policies. Most communities use a comprehensive or general plan to guide land-use decisions. Implementation of these plans is accomplished through a series of mechanisms — zoning codes and other regulations, capital improvements programs, and other policies for decision making. Together, the comprehensive plan and how it is implemented can have a powerful impact on community health. Over the last few years, the American Planning Association (APA) has focused on comprehensive plans and health as a priority of its Planning and Community Health Center. Guidance for Health in the Development Review Process builds on this work by addressing the why and how of incorporating health into the development review process.


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Sept. 1, 2015
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American Planning Association

Table of Contents

Making the Case:
Going from Health in Plans to Health in Regulations

A Development Code for a Healthy Built Environment:
Ensuring a Built Environment that Improves Health

Applying A Health Lens:
A Health Outlook on the Review Process

A Guide for Ensuring Development Encourages Healthy Behavior

Appendix A

Appendix B:
Selected List of Resources