How Cities Use Parks to Promote Tourism

City Parks Forum Briefing Papers 9

By John Crompton



Public parks are often the "engine" that drives tourism in many communities. In a simplified tourism model, visitors use some mode of transportation to leave their homes and travel to attractions, which are supported by various kinds of services, such as hotels/motels, restaurants, and retailing. The attractions and support services provide information and promote their offerings to target groups they have identified as potential visitors.

Attractions activate this tourism system. Rarely do people leave their homes and travel some distance because they want to stay in a particular hotel or dine at a particular restaurant in a different locale. Most of the time, the desire to go to a destination on a pleasure trip is stimulated by its attractions.

Many of these attractions are located in parks, while some parks are themselves attractions.This leads to the conclusion that in many communities, parks drive the tourism industry.


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June 1, 2005
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