Balancing Jobs and Housing in the New Economy

Zoning Practice — October 2018

By Thomas Smith


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Planning and zoning for employment centers has not kept up with the changing job market. Historically, cities and suburbs have assumed that the "best" locations for industrial and office development were at the intersection of major arterials, along highway or railroad corridors, or adjacent to airports. This is changing. Now, many employers are eschewing standard suburban office park locations in favor of more urban locations with access to transit, workforce housing, and other amenities.

This issue of Zoning Practice examines recent plans and zoning codes established to create new mixed use districts that combine major employment centers with housing, restaurants, entertainment, and neighborhood services to serve the employees. It concludes with high-level takeaways for other communities interested in linking employment centers and housing.


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Oct. 1, 2018
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American Planning Association

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Thomas Smith