Rural Event Venues — Rustic Charm and Rural Zoning

Zoning Practice — November 2018

By Douglas Demosi, AICP


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Rural event venues continue to grow in popularity nationwide. The rustic appeal of barn weddings has created new opportunities for farmers and other rural property owners to increase the economic potential of their land and meet the market demand for on-site event space. Yet these decidedly non-agricultural uses on traditionally agricultural (or otherwise rural) land pose some distinct challenges for local planners and zoning administrators. What is it that makes these venues so attractive, and what are the implications for planners?

This issue of Zoning Practice identifies common land-use issues associated with rural event venues, highlights how some communities address these uses in their zoning codes, and provides guidance to help planners and code administrators draft and administer new regulations.


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Nov. 1, 2018
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Douglas Demosi, AICP