Housing Reform Through State Legislation and Local Zoning

Zoning Practice — June 2019

By Catherine Hinshaw, Joseph DeAngelis, AICP


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The United States is facing a housing crisis. Housing affordability and availability challenges are leading planners, state and local elected officials, developers, and community leaders to reconsider the tools necessary to dramatically expand the supply of housing. State legislators in particular are increasingly recognizing the role that legislation can play in local housing supply, choice, opportunity, and affordability.

This issue of Zoning Practice examines influential local zoning approaches to housing affordability challenges, highlights examples of state legislative efforts related to zoning in local communities, and discusses the variety of ways in which states are increasingly engaging in this conversation.


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June 1, 2019
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American Planning Association

About the Authors

Catherine Hinshaw
As the State Government Affairs Associate of APA, Catherine works with APA chapters and monitors trends across the country on key state legislation that impacts planning. As co-author on a recent Zoning Practice (Housing Reform Through State Legislation and Local Zoning), Catherine's experience examining provides important insights on why this is an emerging and relevant topic for planners.

Joseph DeAngelis, AICP
Joseph DeAngelis, AICP, is a planner and research manager at the American Planning Association, where he focuses on climate adaptation, natural hazard risk, and how they interact with emerging trends. He holds a Master of Urban Planning degree from CUNY-Hunter College.