Game of Zones

Zoning Practice — May 2021

By Colin Scarff, Andrew Wald, AICP, Kimani Jeffrey


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The call for more meaningful dialogue between cities and citizens is now louder than ever. Today — if recent urban planning and design RFPs are any indications — planners in both government and the private sector are increasingly highlighting community engagement beyond the customary public presentation as an indispensable part of any project scope. It is especially encouraging to see a renewed commitment to including communities that have historically been marginalized and excluded from conversations that affect urban planning and changes to the built environment. But what tools are available to ensure that these conversations are meaningful and productive for everyone involved?

This issue of Zoning Practice focuses on one innovative tool the City of Detroit has been using to make urban planning more accessible, participatory, and fun, and highlights an overall approach that can help other communities seeking to engage more meaningfully on the topic of zoning and land use.


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May 1, 2021
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American Planning Association

About the Authors

Colin Scarff

Andrew Wald, AICP

Kimani Jeffrey