Aging and Livable Communities

The Aging of America provides an extraordinary opportunity for planners to create plans and policies and help develop and redevelop communities that are more age friendly ... and, therefore, more livable. According to Deborah Howe, Baby Boomers "will swell the ranks of those aged 65-plus from 34.8 million in 2000 to a projected 70.3 million in 2030, ultimately representing 20 percent of the U.S. population."

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In this current environment, where livability principles and sustainable communities constitute a priority, the Divisions Council can take the lead in galvanizing planners to apply the aging filter to planning initiatives and opportunities.

Divisions are rich in knowledge resources and expertise that can help guide the fundamental transformation to communities that are livable for all. Divisions can help frame this transformation rooted in the unique needs of place and community.

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Aging in Place Bibliography

This online resource is designed for planners and researchers seeking an interdisciplinary, annotated bibliography of pertinent literature about Americans' growing desire to remain in their homes and participate in their communities as they age.

This list highlights articles, events, and publications from the American Planning Association and other experts in the field.

Annotated Bibliography on Aging in Place

From APA

Reports, Articles, and Publications

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