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Cover of September 2020 Zoning Practice

Coordinating Capital Planning and Design-Based Standards

September 2020

This edition of Zoning Practice explores the relationship between capital planning and land development regulations that focus on building and site design. It presents a series of recommendations to help planners craft design standards that support capital planning objectives related to mobility, stormwater management, and energy consumption.


Zoning Practice analyzes trends and spotlights innovation in local land-use and development regulation. All student members have online access to ZP. Subscribers may read ZP online or in print.

  • Planners and land-use attorneys responsible for drafting or administering zoning and other land-use and development regulations
  • Emerging professionals interested in learning more about plan implementation

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  • Zoning alternatives for pandemic mitigation or prevention
  • Recent trends in small town and rural area zoning
  • The effects of demographic or technological change on land-use demand