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University of Florida Department of Urban and Regional Planning Celebrates Women in Planning

UF Planning Grads Shaping the Future With Innovation

The University of Florida Department of Urban and Regional Planning highlights two of our alumnae, Jennifer Krouchick and Lian Plass. These inspiring women elevate the planning profession and exemplify the exciting careers available to our graduates. Read on to see how two planners who earned their Master of Urban and Regional Planning degrees from the University of Florida are shaping the future.

Jennifer Krouchick — planning for the future

Plenty of rocket scientists work for NASA. Although Jennifer Krouchick isn't one of them, her job is just as important. As the Assistant Master Planner for the Kennedy Space Center and NASA, Jennifer works on issues related to the environment and transportation, and she is focused on helping NASA reach its goals of expanding access to space. "The future is open, and as planners, we have the power to bring people together," Jennifer said.

Jennifer has a background in banking and finance and first learned about planning through an environmental planning course. Jennifer enrolled in that course due to her interest in the environment and the financial impacts of sea level rise. "A lot of different things came through my education that shifted my mindset and gave me a very well-rounded base of skills to take and see where that was going to take me." At NASA, Jennifer is involved in a process that encompasses all aspects of the planning field. She says, "One of the things that's amazing about this job is that I get to be involved in a little bit of everything." 

Jennifer is a credit to the University of Florida Department of Urban and Regional Planning, as well as women planners everywhere.

Lian Plass — planning for a good cause

As a professional planner in Washington D.C. working for a nonprofit organization, Lian Plass is focused on the impacts of climate change. Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing humankind and Lian is doing her part to reduce its impact.

Lian earned her bachelor's degree in sustainable development from Columbia University. Afterward, she interned for the North Miami Department of Community Planning and Development where she became interested in planning. Now as one of our over 750 Master of Urban and Regional Planning graduates, Lian prepares communities for climate change through research, technical assistance, and outreach.

Lian's experience at the University of Florida speaks to the quality of education which helped fine-tune her analytical skills. "UF attracts some fantastic professors and some fantastic instructors in general that have long-standing roots in planning nationwide, but also in Florida."

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April 13, 2022

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