Expanding Cottage Home: A Pioneer for Housing Affordability

In 2016, the city of Clovis, California, launched an initiative to transform underutilized alleyway space into "backyard cottages" as a unique solution to the Old Town neighborhood’s affordable housing crisis.

This year, the Cottage Home Program won an APA silver achievement award and is now expanding outside of Old Town Clovis to residents throughout the entire city.

The program offers three plan options to qualifying property owners free of charge.

Each cottage home measures less than 450 square feet and is designed to accommodate a variety of elevation levels and property configurations. The success of the first 10 completed cottage homes has revitalized the alleys in which they were built, created a unique pedestrian street environment, and provided one more path to relieving the city-wide housing crisis.

Watch the video, and learn more about the expanding Cottage Home Program.

Top image: A dwelling in Clovis, California.

About the Author
Brenna Donegan is APA's communications associate.

May 21, 2019

By Brenna Donegan