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What's on the Exam?

What types of questions will be on the AICP exam? What do I need to know about the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct? Which emerging planning issues should I study?

Outline of Subject Matter

AICP Exam Prep Package 2.0

The new AICP Exam Prep Package will help you as you study for the AICP certification exam. With an interactive CD-ROM and an easy-to-use manual, the package will help you organize your studies.

The AICP Exam Prep 2.0 manual is an annotated outline of the topics likely to be covered on the exam. Sections cover functional topics and planning processes. A list of references for each topic area is included.

The CD-ROM (PC-compatible only) contains three sets of study questions. This interactive feature provides good practice for the exam; you answer a set of questions and receive a score, along with an explanation of the correct answer for each question. While these questions do not constitute a sample exam, they will familiarize you with the different types of questions you’re likely to encounter in the actual exam. APA policy guides, ethical scenarios and discussions, practical information about taking the exam, and additional resources are also on the CD-ROM.

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National Planning Conference Exam Prep Session

2013 National Planning Conference Exam Prep Session (pdf)

Selected Readings

AICP offers a list of readings to help planners prepare to take the AICP exam.

Selected Readings: AICP Comprehensive Planning Examination

Computer Simulation

AICP will help you sharpen your test-taking skills. AICP offers all exam takers a no-cost simulation of a computerized examination.

Computer-based Exam Tutorial

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