CM Provider Payment Plans: Universities

All payment plans begin January 1, and expire December 31, regardless of when you become an approved provider. Provider payment plans are non-refundable.

Please feel free to contact to discuss the best option for your organization.

Accepted forms of payment are credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa) and check.

If paying by check, please mail payment to:

American Planning Association
CM Provider
Lock Box 4291
Carol Stream, IL 60197-4291

The following table lists the available payment plans. *

Annual Payment Plans Price Details
Per-credit $224 First Use Cost per Year

(includes registration plus 1 credit)
$115 each additional CM credit per training hour offered for CM credit.

Best for providers offering a small number of training hours per year or who prefer to register events on a per-credit basis.

If your organization plans to offer a total of 22 or more CM credits, the annual unlimited plan may be more cost effective.
Annual Unlimited: Universities $2,461 The annual unlimited fee includes Live in Person, Live Online, and On Demand activities.

* Education must be offered directly by the provider registering the events and not by a partner or through a partner not in this provider category.

Special Bonus for Annual Unlimited Plans

Providers who have "partners" or "departments" within their organizational structure may choose to purchase a separate Provider Number for an additional $95 fee per partner. This allows each partner to share registration powers under one unlimited annual payment plan rather than needing to purchase individual annual unlimited payment plans.

This is limited to partners that either share the same Tax ID (e.g., a planning firm with several locations, a division within an organization, a campus or department within a university) or fit within a governmental structure that accords them similar status (e.g. municipal departments of agencies).

Contact for more information.

Partnership Guidelines for CM Providers

Providers shall follow the following partnership guidelines:

Providers are not allowed to share their assigned Provider Account Number with other agencies, firms, companies, organizations or individuals who are not approved by AICP CM to provide courses. AICP CM provider account numbers and approved status are solely for the purpose of providing high-quality continuing education to AICP members. By allowing others to use your provider number, the quality of the education provided is compromised.

An approved CM provider may be considered a primary partner in a program if the following conditions are met:

  • CM provider has shared the total direct costs of the program (not including consumables such as food and beverages) or the activity is marketed under the registered provider's brand (i.e. logo); and
  • CM provider has contributed significantly to the development of the program (e.g., topic and speaker identification);and
  • CM provider has participated in the marketing of the program

Contact for more information.